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Satu Alaoutinen

  • M.Sc. (Eng.)
  • Office 6711
  • Phone 05 6212842 / 050 5931707
  • Available most likely on thursdays at 11-12
  • But… Can catch me if you see me


  • Help in all problems
  • Especially course and stydy related
  • Should know more about courses than other support staff
  • Instruction developement interests and some pedagogical studies give backgroud

⇒ all problems related to instruction and studying are wellcome


  • Laboratory of Software Engineering
  • Practical Programming - spring term (fresman course, not for you )
  • No teaching in autumn term ⇒ not much here


  • Developing IT teaching to more student centered direction
  • Writing articles at home about student self-assessment and learning styles
  • Dissertation shold be done till the end of next year