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Amoeba wiki
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Amoeba Wiki

Amoeba wiki is a text document sharing system for mobile wireless devices. It gives users ability to write text documents and share those documents over wireless network in dynamic manner. Sharing happens when two or more devices are on same radio range. Users can then collaborate with shared documents.

Document in text format is using web technologies. Document is presented in browser and source of the document is served by simple http server. Server tracks documents from the file system directory. Server also interacts with wireless share manager, that discovers other devices and communicates with them. Wireless communication is using bluetooth.

Audience for amoeba wiki is group of mobile users who might want to spontaneously collaborate on text information writing.


Application requirements

ID Description Status
RA01 Document text page presentation, user can read a page
RA02 Document text editing in a browser, user can edit a page
RA03 User can navigate among pages
RA04 User can see index of pages
RA05 User can create a page (page set operation)
RA06 User can remove a page
RA07 User can rename a page
RA08 User can see near devices and relevant services

Non-functional requirements

ID Description Status
RF01 Text pages are stored as files into given directory
RF02 Other text pages can be cached into user device in cache directory

Wireless characteristics

ID Description Status
RW01 Other devices should be discovered in wireless range, device discocery
RW02 Amoeba wiki service should be able to dynamically discovered on radio range
RW03 Devices are able to made transport level communication
RW04 Device communication channel is able to disconnect and user and software is able to be notified.


ID Description Status
RC01 Platform is Nokia N810 Maemo OS
RC02 Wireless communication is bluetooth. Service is targeted to improve local communication.
RC03 Use of bluetooth SDP
RC04 Communication is done with RFCOMM or with OBEX

System architecture

Connectivity architecture

Amoeba wiki

Amoeba wiki forms a wiki oriented text page collection for users in device radio range. User could see other users wiki pages and user can provide pages to others. Wiki linking is dynamic among available pages.

Module archictecture

Allocation architecture








Appendix: Tasks

Appendix: Use Cases

Edit Page

Read Page

Page set operations

Create page

Remove page

Rename page

Show page index

Device discovery

Service discovery

Show peerhood devices

RFCOMM communication

OBEX communication

Service setup