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2.1 Study

2.1 Studies

Research field studies 45 op.

Book on communications patterns. 3

Survey on communications patterns research. 3

Book on message bus approach. 3

Survey on message bus approach research. 3

Book on distributed mobile applications. 3

Survey on distributed mobile applications research. 3

Book on Mobile networking environments. 3

Book on developments methods impacts. 3

CT10A9600 - Research Methods, Laboratory Project. 5

CT30AJ100 - Tietoliikennetekniikan jatko-opintokurssi 1. 7

CT30A8300 - Wireless Service Engineering. 5

CT30A5201 - Symbian Ohjelmointi. 4

Research supporting studies, 20 op.

CT20A7200 - Architecture in Systems and Software Development. 5

CT30A9000 - Tietoliikennetekniikan Seminaari. Model driven acrhitecture and Ontology Development. 4

CT30A9300 - Code Camp on Communications Engineering. 4

CT10A9700 - Summer School on Communications Engineering. The 17th International Summer School on Telecommunications. Security, privacy and trust in mobile and wireless communications. 2

CT30A9600 - Peer to Peer Networking. 5


CT10A9601 - Research Methods, Laboratory Project

  • When starting the course contact one of the professors according to your major subject.

CT30A9600 - Research Methods, Communications Software Laboratory Work

  • When starting the course contact professor Jari Porras

CT30A8301 - Wireless Service Engineering

  • Start 2012W02

CT30A8902 - Service Oriented Architecture

  • Start 2012W03

CT30A9400 - Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

  • Start: existing ?