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Title of doctorate thesis

Write here a short overview of the research topic.


Describe what is actually the problem that you are planning to solve with your research. Network node gets congested too easily and you want to find way to avoid this, Spam is filling mailboxes and you want to find a new way to protect users about that…

Browse through major scientific databases like (IEEE explore, ISI web of knowledge, citeseer and google scholar to find out what others have been done on the area.

List the main publications on your wiki. Read these papers and write down some notes about the main points and flaws of the paper. You can use dokuwiki and bibtex plugin for this. For example:

@misc{ is-thesis,

author = {Mort, Pam},
title = {Thesis Proposals: A Brief Guide},
url = {""}


Mort's paper gives a very good suggestion about the structure of thesis, describe the ethical issues that should be taken into account, helps to select research methodology and gives some nice additional references. @misc{ joopa,

author = {Kämäräinen, Joni},
title = {Yksittäisen tutkijan laatukäsikirja},
url = {""}


Kämäräinen has provided a good document about writing project plan and conduction research. Especially chapters 2 and 3.1-3.3 are good when making research plan. Unfortunately the document is in Finnish.

When the related work gets bigger you might want to add separate pages for these, based on the topic i.e. having separate pages for standards, wireless technologies and security articles.

The system supports also mathplugin, so you can present formulas in latex syntax between math tags




This part write the main milestones for your doctorate study project. What things you will do, when you will publish and what the publication is roughly about. You may also want to write more detailed research plan on separate page.

Task Deadline Comments
Get the related work done 1.1.2100 Finished by 1.10.2006
Design and code first prototype 1.3.2100 Remember the things learned from related work
First publication submission 1.9.2100 The analysis of first proto efficiency


Here comes the short term plans i.e. what to do next. This helps both you and your supervisor to follow through your progress

Task Deadline Comments
Read the research paper 1 by friday This should be done before meeting supervisor so that I can discuss about it
Learn to create formulas in wiki next wednesday Need to learn how to do this to make my notes about paper X in wiki
Create the authentication plugin for software Beginning of May The system really need authentication


Publications, finished programs and everything else worth mentioning that is finished and will be part of the final thesis

Next meeting

  • may 25.
  • Mort's paper read, understood and commented
  • code for connection created.