Spool for things


What about ontology bases communication / middleware approach ?


Smart M3

Semantic Information Broker

Device & user activity state management.

Requirement. Device has power and resource saving modes, that allows or denies different degrees of activity. Use has goals for the wished communications.

pyph Livetests definitions

Testing pyph in live real setup. Goal ? Finding errors in software on practical environment. Studying the behaviour of the live mobile environment. As a setup mobile environment is novel, dynamic and hard to establish in regressive manner, so some kind of good definitions are needed.

No adhoc mobile networking considerations

No virtual peerhood. Too much problems. Not making routers in mobile environment.

Testability in pyph architecture and design

MOT. Non-functional requirement. Mobile environment events simulation.

Event horizon approach

Extremely asynchronous and event based approach. A lot of events.

Mobile Dynamic Discovery

Messaging Backbone System

Supernode. Inetd. PeerHood Daemon. Initial Point.