Modeling (including specification and contruction)

Development (contruction)

Deloyment (in ad hoc manner)



Research questions

Reflection of software service inside small scale device ?

A service have to be able to reflect its externally visible structure, information presentation and behaviour with annotated incode documentation. This means that service client developer only service itself is enough, no other documentation or material is needed.

  • Reflection meta-data space limitations ?
  • Reflection information transfer to client ?
  • Runtime service reflection data to eclipse dynamically ?

Platform impacts ?

Service software platform ?

Languages ? C++ (symbian diversion), C, Python, Java (mobile)

API's ? What is common ?

Libraries ?

Access to resources ? For example audio services.

Ad hoc deployment ?

From eclipse to running service ? What is shortest path ? How long it takes ? C++ crosscompiled ?

Sould be behind one button ?

Communication patterns ?

application level request-reply-error (RRE) pattern maybe not suitable into disconnected mobile environment ?

Impact of the non-RRE pattern to software ?

Research methods

Research using applications

Development tools for mobile devives.