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File Systemm Name Path Specification

Ending “/” denotes the file is a directory, otherwise regular file.

home = $HOME/ – Root of user files

user.cache = $HOME/.cache/ – Temporary files to speed up components operation. Files can be deleted anytime.

user.config = $HOME/.config/ – Files to control components and applications. Deleting files resets control information into applications default or system settings. Sharing files between users (including same user between multiple computers) ? = $HOME/.local/ – User, application and components data file. Files are important and can be deleted only by explicit user operation. Support for backup operation of files needed, meaning it is good the files are stable as possible and no trash or cache files. Sharing files between users (including same user between multiple computers) ? xdg-basedir defines $XDG_DATA_HOME as by default $HOME/.local/share .

user.trash = $HOME/.trash/– Removed but still stored files. Files can be retrieved back from trash (support this). Files can be deleted any time.

user.runrime = $HOME/??? /tmp/???– Files needed by components during runtime. File sockets, locks, links etc. Can be deleted anytime.

BAD paths

$HOME/.icons/ – Seems to contain components or user icons. Files should be located into user_cache or components own data directories.

$HOME/.thumbnails/ – Cache files ⇒ user.cache .

Source or Related Specifications