Petri Heinilä

  • Email: petri dot heinila at lut dot fi
  • Reception:
    • 2011 1. Period Thursday 12-13
    • 2011 2. Period Thursday 15-16
    • 2012 3. Period Tuesday 15-16
  • Room: 2527

Returning works by email

You have to use given conventions when returning course works (as well as if you have something to discuss about the course).

Reply might take week or two (if needed). If you have topics to discuss, exercises or reception time are better places. Email is not 100% realiable, so be prepared to resend package if needed.

Course abbreviations:

Email receivers

  • If you are returning the group work done with multiple members, put email addresses of the other members into CC field as well. This way all get reply mails if I have some feedback or further arrangements to give.

Email subject field

  • Prefix email subject field with course abbreviation. (incoming mail are filtered by this abbreviation, so mail will be processed sometime later if abbreviation is not used.)
  • Put return work name to subject field as well or discussion topic.

Email contents

  • Always add your work group all members information: 1) name, 2) student number, 3) email address (in cc field)

Email attachment files

Attached file containing works have to follow given naming:

naming: <course abbreviation>-<semester>-<work>-<name1>[-<name2> ..].<type>

<course abbreviation> ::= cspa | /* or other course abbrv */

<semester> ::== 2010 | /* or other course */

<work> ::= <name of the work>[-<version>]

<name> ::= member last name

<type> :: zip | pdf

For example


Return you work in one file, not multiple files.


  • Documents are in .pdf format.

Zip Package Contents

.zip (file format)

only files/directories inside package, no embetted packages again (no zip in zip)


  • Version management files. CVS, Subversion, ..
  • No compiled files: Python *.pyc, Java *.class or eclipse java project bin directory, ..
  • No .zip in .zip
  • Generally no files that can be remade by simple recompilation.

Content layout extracts to cspa-2011-impl-v1-Lastname-Lastname/ directory

  README.txt                                 -- names, student numbers, running instructions
  cspa-2011-design-v1-Lastname-Lastname.pdf  -- work report if required
  src/                                       -- source code root
    package1/                                -- python (or other language) package
    package2/                                -- another python (or other language) package