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PeerHood Tasks


There is lot of bugs, mis-usages and design faults. Misuse of the assert. Misuse of the singleton pattern. Status: very open.

Fix code for GCC 4.3

Most implicit including was cleaned up from GCC 4.3 release. Bad implicit including (relying some include file to include other header) break now building. Status: open.

Find UML Modeling Tool

As peerhood is underlying functionality providing library and communications system it requires strong design behind it. Also people are coming and going constantly through peerhood project so it is essential people get understanding of the peerhood design. There is required a new uml tool for project use. Status: open, running on background.

DOC++ into build

PeerHood in code documentation was done with doc++ format. Need to establish it into build system. Status: future.

DOC++ is ancient. Better way is to use e.g. doxygen which creates more usable and readable pages. This would require that every function and class documentation is modified to support doxygen's conventions. - julaakko

Define Speficifation Document

PeerHood specification (at some degree). By creating core use cases. Candidate work. What are the requirements. Needed use of peerhood (umsic). Status: on work, hevi.

Establish Public PeerHood Web Pages

Research visibility & searchability (google). Status: On work, Porras.