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 ====== PeerHood Device ====== ====== PeerHood Device ======
 +{{ http://​​images/​nokia-n810.jpg?​300}}
 +[[PeerHood]] **device** is a user centric computer able to run [[application]]s and [[service]]s that has [[network]]ed communications. The devices is supposed to be a mobile by peerhood designs, but it may be fixed (non-mobile) as well, as a trivial case.
 +Original peerhood development was build upon persona trusted device PTD concept.
 +In practice the devices are constrained on linux based systems. Nokia Internet Tabled N810 and linux desktop and laptop computers.
 +Peerhood requires a process model from the platform, so that might constrain porting to certain platforms like a SymbianOS based devices.
 +{{ http://​​images/​global/​products/​314x314/​latit_d820.jpg?​300}}
 +{{ http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​2007/​08/​Dell%20Vostro.jpg?​300}}