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Current developments issues

Arto's work

Service selection in PeerHood

Jari's work

At the moment I'm looking for the cooperation between PeerHood library and Java based FAME2 environment in Kassel. FAME2 is an environment that allows dynamic loading of different JAVA modules (services). These services are seen as a single process but they should in PeerHood be divided into separate callbacks.


1. Fame2 is started (core). At this point there's no need for the PeerHood. Core offers means for the usage of local services.

2. Communication service is started. This is needed in order to find out and use of remote services. Thus this needs to be registered for the PeerHood. Separate port (?) and Callback is created.

3. Other services might be registered like FAME service discovery.

Jussi's work

My work is related to UMSIC project. I'm collecting information how to port PeerHood into Maemo environment and researching what would be the most efficient solution for PeerHood structure / functionality regarding the UMSIC project.

Currently I'm developing a system message listener for PeerHood daemon (D-BUS listener), it is required in Maemo env. to listen for device state changes (shutdown, offline etc.). I'm also searching for some bugs / features / oddities in PeerHood reported by build-process and reported in logs also.


PeerHood into Maemo:

Other PeerHood related:

Petri's work