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HTML5 survival diary

Week 1

No success with the returning/testing environment yet. Strange server errors keep popping up. Tried with FF, chrome and safari. Nothing seems to work.

Week 2

I'm a snowflake. Well seems that I'm not the problem here right now, the Udacity is. Personally I think that the system is crap, but hey who am I to judge. Besides the snowflake warning is nicer than the big anoying server error. Viope starts to feel slightly nice, it scares me a bit.

I'm also a bit of a twat and think it's funny to invade other people's wikipages just to make them lose.

Mac fag problems

Udacity forum had rumours about bad support for MacOsX 10.8.2, but Antti Knutas has it working so I've started to think the problem is in my head or near by.

Week 3

Well I on this week my schedule was nearly fully booked, so I was no able to concentrate me on this topic. And I don't know if I even want to, 'cause the returning system sucks.

Week 4

I had success, got something submitted. The system didin't tell me that the code had problems, I was just simply a snowflake. But somehow managed to get it trough. So sort of a victory for me. I can se the light in the end of the tunnel. Is it sun, god or train? Who knows, can be all of them.