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Janne Parkkila

Dear diary,

I thought of writing about my experiences to you. Jouni-setä told me to take good care of you. I'm not the best writer ever, but lets see how our relationship turns out.

Javascript Intro

Time Spent: ~1 hour - Quit because system did not work

Okay, I know JS already, but decided to go through this for a refresh (and hoping for new insights). The hand jumping under the text is ANNOYING! Come on!

Exercise 1

Already annoyed of the bad instructions. Nowhere was shown/stated that you should use JSON.parse(weaponJSON) before being able to do anything!

Exercise 2

I just don't get the teaching method for programming here. They don't provide nearly enough info to actually LEARN anything here! Also, the solution explanation is not the same as the exercise! For me that's not a big deal, but for someone else it might be!

Exercise 3

Okay, had enough of this shit! I really don't understand clearly what to do and the compiler gives error that makes no sense “not defined”. The code works perfectly well, but the tester does not understand it! They should get working stuff for checking these things!

Quit the Javascript Crash to a crash with the system.

Lecture 1 - Canvas

Time Spent: 45 minutes Comment: A lot easier than Javascript Crash Course. Managed to program everything. However, the teaching SUCKS!

Okay, giving a shot to the canvas now. Hopefully this works better!

Exercise: Loading Images

There was some strange image object already created, but this was not told to students! Thus programming this was a pain in the ass. However, when I got annoyed and pressed submit, I suddenly passed the tests!? WTF!?

Exercise: Animation

After finishing the exercise and starting to watch the answer video, I had to facepalm. The guy starts “this is a little tricky”. Well, SHOULD YOU HAVE GIVEN SOME HINTS TO HELP PEOPLE OUT IF YOU KNOW IT'S TRICKY!?!?!?!? WTF!?

Lecture 2 - Atlases

Yeap, decided to continue with Atlases as previous was quite quick to go through :-) Yay!

btw. My browser does not animate anything, although the code works :-P

Exercise: Trimming

So far things have been somewhat ok on this lecture, but this task is just completely vague. They guy did not really spend ANY TIME EXPLAINING ANYTHING! I just have to say WTF!? This is definitely a course full of WTFs :-D WTF!?

Okay! Totally pointless! Cheated my way through here. No fucking way to get the point of this exercise. Thank god there are forums with help!

btw. I have a better sprite packer that actually works.

Exercise: Parsing Tiled Output

Okay, feeling to tired to continue. Pausing here. Hour spent so far.


Okay, got back to the exercises after a short break. Took like 30 mins to figure out what the heck was the question in the exercise! I mean this stuff is really really really messy! Also, the guys explains a lot of unnecessary stuff and there's some serious hacks going on (use of regexp!?)

Exercise: Tile Packet

Okay, managed so far with this. Now lost my nerves again. I need more beer to keep on going. See you later stupid googleguy!