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Edx course: UQx: META101x Philosophy and Critical Thinking

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5 articles to advance the topic

  • ItemIT and sustainability: Bringing best practices to the business


This article brings a review of the importance of IT in sustainability practices among companies, along with lots of real cases that are fairly interesting for they have shown some concrete examples of implementing Green IT in to the cooperate strategy. The article predicts that in the future, IT will play a core role in sustainability practice and strategy, and 'Green' will become a norm for everything.

  • The Role of IT in Campus Sustainability Efforts


Summary report of a cross university summit about role of IT in campus sustainability. Similar points to sustainability in companies, but building a campus culture is different from building a cooperate culture. The article talked about server virtualization,logistic management, remote content delivery, etc. The first day of summit, the participants have set a plan covering from immediate to 1 year then came up with an action agenda which will be the guideline of future practices. Interesting article because it can be inspiring for us as college student.

  • Sustainable IT Services: Assessing the Impact of Green Computing Practices


The article argues that there are two waves of green computing strategy. The first wave is about reducing energy and infrastructure cost in IT industry itself, and the second wave has a larger scope, the paper argues that IT should not only focus on reducing its own environmental cost, but also integrate itself into cooperate business strategies and provide values to clients ,culture and society. Some measurements were proposed in order to quantify the energy consumption. Different dimensions of sustainability are also discussed in order to build a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

  • Security and Optimization Challenges of Green Data Centers


This article points out some challenges facing the modern data centers. It tells us about the role of data center in modern business. Through this article, we realize that despite all the available techniques, we still cannot make use of them at their full extent because of cost and complexity issues etc.

  • Software optimization: energy consumption map and energy-aware techniques for green compilers


Interesting article talking about how to reduce hardware energy consumption at a software level during programming. The author indicated things that need to be done in order to reduce hardware use and proposed the idea of green compiler which is a very promising perspective to look at.

Individual task after the first seminar

  • General thought

'Greeness' as we now it, is a rather expansive thing, for individuals it means spending more time and energy, and for companies and society, it means more cost. We don't want to practice 'green' behavior because we see no interest in short term. However, We all know that going green is the only option we have for future generation. The big guideline is that we should educate our-self so that we can be more aware of the environmental cost of our behavior such as driving cars, using papers, water, gas, computers, etc. So here I will list some of the practice that I have thought about.

  • Individual task
  1. Turning off any electric device when not used(or at least make them work under a mode which is less energy consuming).
  2. Sorting the garbage, especially the polluting ones like batteries.
  3. Recycle rain water and set up private solar panel if possible.
  4. Stop purchasing things that doesn't comply to environmental regulations
  5. Use less paper, try to get used to electric form of all sorts of document(books, articles, receipts, bills ,etc)
  • How to affect more people?
  1. I believe that individuals can have an impact on other people, by participating volunteer campaign, we can help promoting awareness of energy consumption. In order to persuade others, one have to show leadership in what he/she does, which means being an example of executing the ideas he/she believes.
  2. Internet has given us the best tools to communicate information and ideas, we should use it and gather more people into practicing green behaviors.
  3. Make non-environmental behavior expensive, like taxing more on companies that pollutes, raising the price of non-environmental friendly product. (Debatable), raise the price of water in order to encourage people to consuming less water.
  4. Build a culture in which sustainability is a “cool” thing which brings positive social impact.

Group work: Radar diagram

4 Exam Questions

  1. How should we share the responsibility of sustainability between each country? How to correctly evaluate the effort each country will make in terms of sustainability? Explanation: Every country is in different phase of development, by answering this question, student will be more aware of the situations in different countries and will think twice before they apply their current knowledge to a country they don't know much about
  2. Design a methodology of how to build an SI for a given system. Explanation: When facing the challenges in the future, we will certainly need new SI in order to enlighten our mind. Sometimes the methodology is even more important than the SI itself, we have to make sure that the SI we use for a specific system is viable. By answering this question, students will have to remind themselves about the ways of thinking mentioned in the book and propose their own approach based on those.
  3. Pick an SI of your choice and criticize it using examples Explanation: Students can freely pick one SI that impressed them the most,then give their own opinions about it using their experience, this can offer a new point of view to everyone's knowledge, and also this question tests how well does a student understand the SI in question
  4. When using IT technology for sustainability, what are the aspects we should think about? Explanation: this is to test how well student understand the challenges when using IT for sustainability, because having an idea is one thing,but when we actually implement it, we need to have a comprehensive thought