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Task 1

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The video starts with the basic definition of Sustainability from the UN, and expands to the tree pillars. By showing the graph of the human consumption and its evolution (from 1.5 planets to 2.5 if we do nothing, 1 if we start to change right now), the author tries to depicts what are the sustainability concerns and what we can do. As example, she used the sustainable vs non sustainable forests and renewable vs non renewable energy production. In their opinion, solutions can come from 4 differents horizons: policy and law, business startegy, technology and design, values and behavior change. In my opinion, policy, law and business strategy can only be a rebound effect of a societal change. Business will not change if there is no need for them, and the search of profit is often contradictory to sustainability concerns. In the same way, government and policy makers often think with a short time vision, and sustainable develpment is secondary for most of them. But if enough people share the same concern with the environment, they could impact laws.