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Personal Homework 1

  • Create your own Wiki page
  • Search and select three documents (web pages, articles, videos, …) of the topic of your course (Data & Privacy in Critical thinking and Sustainability in Green IT course) and explain why those documents are relevant for the course.

Explaining Green Computing

What is Green IT?

I've to be honest that first of all I had to watch these videos to find out what Green IT and Green Computing means. I had some things on mind that what it would mean but these videos confirmed my thoughts. I knew that it has something to do with for example programming systems to be more eco friendly and I was quite right. Green IT also means to build computers and other computing devices as energy-efficient as possible. In this course we're talking about Green IT so I think everyone should know what it means so I chose these two videos as an introduction for the course.

How Green IT Delivers Big Energy Savings?

What is the most interesting thing in what you're learning? -When you see it in practice how it works and how much money you can make by using the things you've learned. I found the article and I got interested by it because it tells in practice how big savings companies has done by investing a little to IT which makes the company more energy-efficient. Why is it relevant for course? -Because people should think that there is a lot more behind energy saving than just switching lights off when they are not used and as “little” thing as IT you can save a LOT of money.

Data Center Green Design: Amazing future of Data Centers

I chose this last video because it tells about how to build a green data centers. Since everything is going online and people use more and more data we'll need a lot of new data centers in near future. How to build green data centers is interesting aspect of Green IT because we need big, smart and green data centers to calculate and implement energy-efficiency of different buildings. For example in the future the data centers might have to process data and calculate how to keep for example some big factory's energy consumption as low as possible by adjusting heating, ventilation and other devices.

Personal Homework 2

  • Individual task after second seminar: Search and present a visionary person that has affected or affects your perspective to sustainable development. Describe the person, his/her work and how it relates to sustainable development.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors which produces electric cars. He has also been one of the founders of PayPal and SpaceX. Why I think Musk really is a visionary is that he's always seen the future of electric cars.

Elon Musk is the one who made the electric cars to be a real thing - not just a joke. After Tesla introduced their model S people really started to dream about electric cars.

I think on car industry Musk has taken the biggest leap towards getting rid of fossil fuels which are the worst for environment. He has shown that it is possible where even the biggest car producers (Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW) couldn't do it. Musk's Tesla is driving all the car manufacturers to produce electric cars which might be the future of cars. After Musk's Tesla models all the other car manufacturers have started to invent their concept models of electric cars.

With Musk's leadership skills he has done a significant impact on environmental, social and economical parts of sustainability when talking on car industry - cleaner technology, more jobs and revenue for the whole electric industry.

Personal Homework 3

  • Find good examples of sustainability education (courses,projects, etc.) and reflect what can be used and how they could be utilized

When I was doing my exchange studies in California I met with a local student. We did a same group project together and the other student told me how they had this project in high school where the goal was to improve the healthiness of their local river. The high school students went to measure different toxic levels of the river and then they came up with things they could do to improve the river's condition. After the project they got donation from local city to do the things they suggested for the river to improve its health.

My idea was that the same kind of thing could be done more widely. It could be one type of course in high schools that they try to solve one sustainability challenge in their home city. It can be transportation problem for example. The idea was that the students are given a problem to solve. Then the whole class is divided in smaller groups to solve one part of the big problem and eventually they come up with the big solution for whole problem and if the solution is good it will be implemented.

This kind of course would teach the students problem solving skills, project implementation and at the same time teach the sustainability challenges. For example the problems they could solve would be economical, social and environmental challenges. The way of thinking is the main key when trying to solve sustainability challenges and when the teaching of how to think is started when the kids are young the better they will think when they're adults. This same kind of course could be taken also to elementary school and kinder garden but in a simpler way with simpler challenges and why not also to universities with bigger problems.

Overall it would teach STEM (science, technological, engineering and mathematical) skills, promote the sustainability education and have a positive impact on local sustainability challenges.

Group Homework

I made the work with the group Green IT 1: Greening Through IT.

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