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The paper published last year, helps in getting the general idea about green computing. Green computing help to save the power thanks to the technologies used and the attitude of the people using this technology. The attitude according to the article can change mostly understanding how the power consumption affects the green aspect of any technology. Greening computing can develop solutions which bring advantages, by putting together aspect of the information technology with the principle of sustainability which are mainly reuse, and recycle. Another interesting aspect is that there are two approaches top-down which are related to the legislation that are coming up more and more to align the production with sustainability. The bottom- up approach which related to consumers aware of energy efficiency and recycling. The combination of top-down and bottom-up initiatives has increased the speed of the greening process within the computing industry.

Cluod computing is considered an huge resource to save energy and consequently money. The paper is good as a first approach to the related subject. It speaks in general about cloud computing and give a brief glance to the environmental aspect of using the cloud. The cost advantage of cloud computing is not just related to how much cloud users can save by not buying and installing hardware and software and using less power. Users of cloud computing are more likely to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Research suggests that ICT is already responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions, and that it will increase further. In an environment where there is increasing concern about institutions’ carbon footprint and energy costs, virtualized services (such as those offered by cloud computing) may become especially appealing.

This artcle is pleasent to read in order to get an idea of the several green initiatives currently under way in the computer industry. The article speaks about the new approaches taken by the Taiwanese company in the field of technologies within the aspect of green computing.The technology built and developed within a green aspect, focus on reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes and the new technologies caused by the growing the population. The different approach from the companies include, carbon-free computing, solar computing, Energy-efficient computing. • Carbon-emissions control has been a key issue for many companies who have expressed a firm commitment to sustainability. • Worldwide production of solar cells has increased rapidly over the last few years; and as more governments begin to recognize the benefits of solar power, and the development of photovoltaic technologies goes on, costs are expected to continue to decline.

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1. How can IT overcome the negative aspects and help humans in being more sustainable?

Reflection: It arise thoughts on the aspects of the drawback of IT before going into the positive side of using it for sustainability issues. Improve the human horizon towards sustainability is an important area, but may be more efficient if an overview of all the aspects of IT is known beforehand.

2. Can green IT and sustainability issues overcome the capitalism aspect which try to produce goods, as inexpensively as possible, without taking care about environment?

Reflection: This arise thoughts in matter of economic aspects and globalization. More and more there is the needs of buying and so producing goods, such as new and advanced technologies. Humans interested grow more, concerning the technologies and walk along with getting the newer ones. This may collide with the help and save the planet issues.

3. In the Greening through IT book, a relevant paragraph is concerns about teaching through computers and simulation. Can a simulated area take the player or the student far from the actual reality? a. How games need to be developed in order to let people feel the real concerns regarding sustainability?

Reflection: Accordingly, to the book there are many games and projects going on which develop some aspects of sustainability in a virtualized way. May be that those games are showing aspect of the environment which are, as stated in to the book, on a different time and space scale comparing to the ones in which humans’ horizon is able to go. Games are available worldwide on internet, they should meet the requirements of players from different background and a different time-space scale.

4. Is sustainability a matter that concern the world in total or is it still impossible to face this issue in some part of it?

Reflection: Considering the differences between the so called developed countries and the so called third world countries, an accurate reflection needs to be done when speaking about sustainability. The level of caring about some aspect regarding sustainability is different considering different background. Even if we consider different countries in Europe, the attitude towards environmental issues differ from area to area according to the way of living the educational background and other factors as well. So when it goes in countries as Africa and some parts of India, the concern about environment may be not at the first level. A deeper reflection need to be done concerning the relation between green IT and the differences among the counties.