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 +===== Carbon Footprint Calculation =====
 +My Carbon Footprint Calculation:​ {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2016:​green:​greening:​carbon_footprint_calculator_-_md_rafiul_sabbir_hridoy.pdf|}}
 +I have calculated my carbon footprint of last year and I think it is quite ok for me. Actually as I live in student dormitory so I do not have enough option to reduce the carbon emission caused by the house. I normally separate and throw trashes in right way hence try to minimize the carbon emission. But it was a good way to know actually how much carbon I emit (directly or indirectly). I will try to reduce it even more in next year.
 ===== Task Missing Lectures ===== ===== Task Missing Lectures =====
 Task missing lectures {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2016:​green:​greening:​task_missing_assignments.pdf|}} ​ Task missing lectures {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2016:​green:​greening:​task_missing_assignments.pdf|}} ​