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 Link: [[http://​​news/​energy-aware-internet-routing-coming-soon/​]] Link: [[http://​​news/​energy-aware-internet-routing-coming-soon/​]]
 +Article 3: Green IT: Going Green—Does Your Company Care? 
 +This article from TechNet Magazine emphasize on different perspective of Green IT and why a company need to care about Green IT.
 +Link: [[https://​​en-us/​magazine/​ff808319.aspx]]
 ===== Coursera replacement ===== ===== Coursera replacement =====
 I have chosen the course named "​Philosophy and Critical Thinking":​ https://​​course/​philosophy-critical-thinking-uqx-meta101x-0 I have chosen the course named "​Philosophy and Critical Thinking":​ https://​​course/​philosophy-critical-thinking-uqx-meta101x-0