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Assignment 1:

Article “Sustainable IT Services: Assessing the Impact of Green Computing Practices” by Harmon and Auseklis (2009) offers a good overview for the course topic.

Article “Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices” written by Sam Murugesan (2008) is as well closely related to the topic of this course.

Cloud computing is popular topic at the moment. News published by the Guardian considers the sustainability of cloud computing, which needs to be improved.

Presentation for the 2nd seminar day:

Homework from the 2nd lecture:

Minna Canth (1844-1897)

Minna Canth was a Finnish writer and social activist. She worked to improve women's rights and she was also one of the most influential Finnish people at the time. As a writer, Canth published writings which also addressed social issues.

Minna Canth has own day in 19th of March in Finnish calendar. It is Canth's birthday and Canth is the first Finnish woman who has received her own flag day. The day is known also as the day of social equality in Finland.

Minna Canth is an inspiration for me. Being a woman role model in 19th century might not be the easiest thing, but persons like Minna Canth have played an important role that we have this kind of equality in Finland today. Finnish women have received right to vote in 1906 and in 1926 women had the same rights for government jobs than men. Equality is important part of social sustainability and Canth have done remarkable job to improve genders’ equality in Finland.

As a Finnish woman, I am used to the equality of women and men and sometimes take it for granted. However, it should be remembered that unfortunately this is not the case in everywhere around the world.

Homework from the 3rd lecture:

Group homework:

I did it with the group 1 :