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-**Assignment 1:** + 
 +====== ​Assignment 1:======
 https://​​profile/​Robert_Harmon/​publication/​224595549_Sustainable_IT_services_Assessing_the_impact_of_green_computing_practices/​links/​0f3175387595da98c9000000.pdf ​ https://​​profile/​Robert_Harmon/​publication/​224595549_Sustainable_IT_services_Assessing_the_impact_of_green_computing_practices/​links/​0f3175387595da98c9000000.pdf ​
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 Cloud computing is popular topic at the moment. News published by the Guardian considers the sustainability of cloud computing, which needs to be improved. ​ Cloud computing is popular topic at the moment. News published by the Guardian considers the sustainability of cloud computing, which needs to be improved. ​
 +====== Presentation for the 2nd seminar day: ======
-**Presentation for the 2nd seminar day:** 
   - {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2016:​green:​greening:​sustainability_a_history_industrial_revolution.pptx|}}   - {{:​courses:​ct60a7000:​spring2016:​green:​greening:​sustainability_a_history_industrial_revolution.pptx|}}
-**Homework from the 2nd lecture:**+ 
 +====== ​Homework from the 2nd lecture:======
 Minna Canth (1844-1897) Minna Canth (1844-1897)
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-**Homework from the 3rd lecture:​** ​ 
 +====== Homework from the 3rd lecture: ======
 +Examples of sustainability education
 +I was in a student exchange in Michigan Technological University in the fall 2014 and I noticed the University had opportunities to familiarize with sustainability. The University is offering the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability which allows students to combine elements of sustainability in their studies. The University offers a wide range of different programs such as civil engineering,​ applied ecology, environmental engineering and forestry in which the understanding about sustainability would be very useful. ​
 +I think sustainability education is very important in the context of a technological university. Integrating the engineering and technology of industrial ecology for example to the science of environment,​ economics or human behavior is very important in order to make the world more sustainable. Engineers are in an important role developing technological innovations,​ for example in creating products which are more environmental friendly. Combining the concept of sustainability to the engineering studies would benefit the whole society in a form of more sustainable solutions. Michigan Tech reminded me much about LUT and I was happy to see that other technological universities are also offering sustainability studies. ​
 +However, I think that the sustainability education is important for all of the people regardless of the level of education. Sustainability should be presented earlier in the education, so that even children understand the main idea of the concept. Sustainability could be taught in a elementary school with some kind of simulations for example. ​  
 +====== Group homework ======
-**Group homework:** 
 I did it with the group 1 : http://​​wiki/​doku.php/​courses/​ct60a7000/​spring2016/​green/​greening I did it with the group 1 : http://​​wiki/​doku.php/​courses/​ct60a7000/​spring2016/​green/​greening
 +====== Exam questions: ======