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Interesting papers or talks regarding sustainability/green IT :

1) Technology for a Sustainable Future | Jeff Connolly | TEDxFlindersUniversity

It seems interesting to me since he had a comparison between technology in 30 years ago and how it can affect in the future. In addition he had some examples of how it can help to have a sustainable future.

2) How 3D printing can revolutionize sustainable design

This article is talking about how 3d printing can changed the production line. Consequently by using the exact amount of material needed we would have zero waste.

“for example, if we could purchase the 3D model of an object we wanted to buy, rather than the object itself, and then download and print it in our home 3D printer. By buying this design from an “app store” of 3D objects rather than a brick-and-mortar shop, and printing it ourselves, we've completely eliminated all of the waste of traditional manufacture, as well as 100 percent of the energy and material normally consumed in transportation and packaging — while enjoying a more custom-tailored and convenient shopping experience.”

3) TED talk by Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development

4) 19-Year-Old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From the World’s Oceans

He came with the idea that the tidal moves will come into a triangle and the debris can be come to a point. By having the equipment and infrastructure in the exact point we can collect all the plastic garbage with the minimum effort by just using the natural tidal movements. This can be inspiring since we can use the natural power to address the issues.

5) The role of ICT in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

6)What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

This TED talk was interesting as it is mainly focused on the role of citizen of the world. The people who are volunteer and have the courage to start a change. Since changing human behavior and their habits is controversial, training and valuing these people can solve much of the problems.

7) Changing of expiry date policy

Although the food after expiry date might change in color or appearance, some products are usable even after the mentioned date. In the other words the expiration dates are mostly about food quality but not food safety. Accordingly, there is a huge food waste annually in supermarkets, restaurants or for daily family usage. Germany has planned to use smart packaging mechanism for showing the expiry date. With this mechanism they use an electronic chip for showing the quality of the food by indicating colors. Therefor, the customer will choose whether to choose a high quality product or lower.

8) The life cycle of a plastic bottle

This video was interesting as it shows what really happen to a mineral water bottle in a simple language. It indicate that plastic in the ocean is one of the greatest hazards. According to National Geographic plastic pollution contributes to the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’. This brings the awareness to restrict the any unnecessary use of plastic products such as water bottle, plastic bags or even plastic straws.

Carbon footprint tools


Open Questions :

1. Broadening the human perspective of time is one of the main points of this book. Does making people to act in a broader time scale avoid them to enjoy life ?

I believe that government can help significantly to address this issue, as they have a better perspective of the time scale in broader view. In a way that citizen do not feel the difference and at the same time they manage the expenditure of resources.

2. Technology has made us to do our daily tasks faster, consequently made people more indolent. Does finding a solution through technology make people not put enough effort again ? How technology can help it ?

I believe that this can be done only gradually, since this is also considered as changing human behavior. At this moment if the technology used try to change the habits or ask the user to put more effort then it will be rejected in short time.

3. As third world countries want to develop, usually this development is with environmental damages. As developed counties had used their portion of environment , how they can help them to pass this period in a more Eco-friendly way ?

By sharing the knowledge and experience, developed countries can help them not to take the wrong approach that they already had taken previously.

4.How bottom-up approach can help sustainability issue to be addressed?

Bottom-up approach is an efficient method to tackle big problems, however, this approach takes long time to see the results.