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My results

Personal Task 1

1. Lorenz M. Hilty and Magda David Hercheui “ICT and Sustainable Development”, IFIP 2010

This paper discusses two (optimistic and pessimistic) views on the role of ICT in sustainability, provides framework describing a three-dimensional approach to sustainable development, analyses three levels of ICT impacts and proposes possible challenges in ICT and sustainable development. In my opinion, it gives a comprehensive picture of the role played by ICT in making the world environmental friendly.

2. Supaporn Chai-Arayalert, Keiichi Nakata “The Evolution of Green ICT Practice: UK Higher Education Institutions Case Study”, IEEE 2011

This paper provides reviews of the Green ICT concepts and a framework of UK Higher Education Institutions where it analyses Green ICT strategy, practice, and measurement. In my view, it is a well-done survey which shows the importance and need in using of ICT in higher education system.

3. M. Tahir Riaz, José M. Gutiérrez, Jens, M. Pedersen “Strategies for the next generation green ICT infrastructure”, IEEE 2009

The paper shortly describes the challenges of carbon dioxide emissions by ICTs faced last years, provides some strategies to decrease them, thereby to make ICTs greener. It is quite old paper, however, it allows to understand how nowadays ICTs are useful in reducing environmental impact.

Personal task 2: Carbon Footprint Reporting