Green IT 1: Greening through IT

  • Lecturer: Prof. Jari Porras
  • Assistant: Maria Victoria Palacin Silva

Seminar group

Seminar days

Day 1 - 18.3.2016 8.00-12.00 6517

Book: Computing research for Sustainability (whole book)


Day 2 - 24.3.2016 8.00-12.00 2411

Book: Greening through IT

  • Pages 1-90


Day 3 - 15.4.2016 12.00-16.00 2411

Book: Greening through IT

  • Pages 91-182



Personal homeworks

  • Create your own wiki page
  • Search and select three (3) documents (web pages, articles, videos, …) of the topic of your course (Data & Privacy in Critical thinking and Sustainability in Green IT course) and explain why those documents are relevant for the course.
  • Carboon Footprint Reporting: Calculate your footprint in 1 or 2 of the following tools: WWF UK Tool, Nature Tool, Finnish Environmental Inst. Tool. Report the results in a document and, explain your opinion about those results (Reflection). Upload your report in your own wiki by 22.4.2016 noon.

Group homeworks

  1. Develop the sustainability model (based on the one presented in lectures) considering cultural differences. Try to combine Maslow's needs hierarchy, Hofstede's cultural differences and various metrics for sustainability perspectives (economical, ecological and social). Use the cultures/countries of your group and present the models for each country separately (for example USA could emphasize economical aspects rather than social or ecological, etc.). Deadline of the task for the last seminars
  1. Motivation studies in small 3-4 person groups: Design an online survey using LUT webropol system, and collect data about the students motivations to do or not do certain activities related to the topic of your group (Try to collect at least 25 answers). Finally, summarize your survey results and prepare a short presentation for April 15th session. Please, attach the presentation and the collected data.
  • NOTE: Please, when you are creating your survey make sure it will be located in the “Computer Science” folder.
  • To learn how to design a survey you can read part 1.2 and 1.3 of the following book: Read Book Here. Feel free to ask for feedback from us when you have completed the design.

Final works

  • Provide your coursera course diploma to the lecturer
  • Create 4 exam questions representing the course contents. Explain why the question is good.
  • Grade the presentations
  • Answer to the course questionnaire
  • Carbon footprint analysis and reflection
  • As a group prepare the final presentation of your group to the final presentation
  • Divide x*10 points among course participant (x=number of people in the course)

Extra work for people who missed lectures TASK_MISSING_LECTURES

  • If you missed lectures you need to provide short reviews (1/2 page each) of all those chapters we went through that lecture time. Note you should always inform teacher about the absence and you are not allowed to miss lectures more than once.
  • Do also the TASK_LATE depending on the seminar you missed.
  • Note! The deadline for these are always the next seminar day.


  • This task is intended for those who arrive late to the lectures (30mins+ which means you do not participate in discussions)
  • FIRST SEMINAR TIME: Go through the pre-tasks of the other group members of your group and produce a reflection of what ca be learned from these.

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