Critical thinking1: Killer apps

Seminar group

Seminar days

Day 1 - 19.2. 8.30-11.30 room 2411

Book: Big data (whole book)

Presenters (students should add these here)

Day 2 - 13.3. 11.30-15.30 room 2411

Book: Killer Apps

  • Pages 0-91


Day 3 - 26.3. 8.30-11.30 room 2411

Book: Killer Apps

  • Pages 92-


  • Pages: 82 - 130 Chapter: “PHASE TWO: START SMALL” :
    • Rule 4: First, Let's Kill All the Finance Guys: Behnaz Norouzi rule4.pptx
    • Rule 5: Get Everyone on the Same Page: Eero Nieminen slides
    • Rule 6: Build a Basket of Killer Options: Kalle Koponen slides
    • Case Study: Auto Insurance in a World Without Accidents: Anna Osipova car_insurance.pdf
  • Pages: 130 - 171 Chapter: “PHASE THREE: LEARN FAST” :
    • Rule 7: A Demo Is Worth a Thousand Pages of a Business Plan: Juri Pesonen rule7_demos2.pdf
    • Rule 8: Remember the Devil's Advocate: Juhana Repo rule_8_juhana_repo.pptx
    • Case Study: Are Hospitals DOA? Conclusion: (student)


Personal homeworks

  • Create your own wiki page
  • Define big data and add links to those 3 documents you have used for defining it (before first day)
  • Ethics in/of big data (before 3rd day)

Group homeworks

Final works

  • Provide your coursera course diploma to the lecturer
  • Create 4 exam questions representing the course contents. Explain why the question is good.
  • Grade the presentations
  • Answer to the course questionaire
  • As a group prepare the final presentation of your group to the final presentation final_presentation_-_the_new_killer_apps.pptx
  • Divide x*10 points among course participant (x=number of people in the course) killerapps_points.pdf

Extra work for people who missed lectures

  • If you missed lectures you need to provide short reviews (1/2 page each) of all those chapters we went through that lecture time.

Extra work for those who did not get the coursera diploma

  • Critical thinking and argumentation - look for web based material into this topic (that we could possibly use in this course) and provide a summary how the critical thinking and argumentation part implemented like that could help in the discussion part of our seminar course.

Behnaz Norouz i

Groupwise working area

General group planning area

Possible group session on Tuesday 24th of March at 17-19. Check your LUT e-mail!