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Basically, big data refers to large sets of data that may be complex and difficult not only to process but also to manage. This may be due to their size as well as complexity and challenges which involve analysis, curation, search, storage,transfer, visualization and privacy of the information. Big data can be seen in various fields including finance and business where enormous amount of stock exchange, banking , online and onsite purchasing data flows through computerized systems quite often, and are captured and stored for inventory monitoring, customer behavior and market behavior.

Certain advanced methods can be used to extract value in this large sets of data, an aspect regarded as the big data as well. Similarly, analysis of the big data, can result in establishing new relationships that can come in handy in spotting business trends, preventing diseases,inhibiting crime among others. The enormous growth of this data arise from the increasingly collection of data from different sources such as the mobile devices, radio-frequency identification readers, wireless sensors networks among others.

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