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Statement of Accomplishmen kate.pdf

This course gave me opportunity to understand my influence on the Earth. I've learnt a lot of ways how I can protect it by myself, how I can help it. I like speaking part of the lessons, when we can express our opinions and discuss them. I don't like to read these books because of the language that was used in them, for me it's not so easy to understand all things that were mentioned on it. But those information that i could understand was really interesting and helpful. Also, in this course homeworks were very interesting, especially the first one about meat.


Homework №1: impact_of_meat_production_on_the_environment.docx

Homework №2: good.docx

Homework №3: what_sustainability_means_to_me.pptx


  • What factors are influence on sustainability?
  • What are the main problems in sustainability?
  • What is the connection between ICT and sustainability? Give 2-3 examples
  • What people have done solve the problems that have influence on sustainability?

Marks for presentations:

  • Binti Ismail - 5
  • Myllynpää Ville - 5
  • Louis Baptiste - 5
  • Victoria Palacin - 5
  • Alvaro Moreno Garcia - 5
  • Ekaterina Gribanova - 5