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Exam questions:

  1. What does sustainability mean? Why sustainability is crucial? (It is the mandatory question after the course, we should get our own opinions. It is a significant question of understanding meaning of sustainability)
  2. List three basic parts of sustainable development and explain the role of this cooperation, what is the main part, do you think? (Important, because we need to understand that sustainable development are based on 3 parts: environment, society and economic)
  3. How can we achieve sustainability? What each person can do to live sustainable? (It's important to understand what we really can do to achieve and remain sustainability)
  4. Analyse how the current paper production can harm the environment or analyse how buying convenience food can harm the environment.

Grads for presenters:

  • Binti Ismail - 5
  • Myllynpää Ville - 5
  • Louis Baptiste - 5
  • Victoria Palacin - 5
  • Alvaro Moreno Garcia - 5
  • Ekaterina Pulatova - 5