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     * Natalia     * Natalia
   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​bninference|BN Inference]]   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​bninference|BN Inference]]
-      ​* Janne+    ​* Janne
   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​apprinference|BN Approximate inference]]   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​apprinference|BN Approximate inference]]
-      ​* Idrissa+    ​* Idrissa
   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​contlatent|Continuous latent variables]]   - [[courses:​ct50aj100:​contlatent|Continuous latent variables]]
     * Adam     * Adam
 +===== Seminar lectures and exercises =====
 +Each student leads the discussion on a single topic. Be prepared to give a 60 minute lecture/​seminar presentation and spend 30 minutes for discussion and questions.
 +Give your slides to Ville before the lecture so that they can be made available to others.
 +Prepare also 1-3 exercise tasks for other students as well as model solutions to them. These tasks should give some hands on experience of the machine learning approach in question. ​
 +If you need any material, hints, or help in preparing the presentation or the exercise tasks, please contact Ville as early as possible.