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Lecture Description

Course lecture material is collected from numerous research papers and book materials. Note: you should also read the additional reference material in order to get a deeper understanding into the appropriate matters. The lecture slides will give you summaries of these topics, but they cannot (and are not meant to) provide full details. And yes, there is a lot of available papers and pages to read. They are provided to support your study, e.g. if a //survey study of P2P overlay networks// cannot give you a sufficient explanation of a certain overlay, for example Chord, you can always refer to the actual Chord white paper.

The following literature materials are more comprehensive and used in several lectures:

  • Other recommended (optional) literature material includes:
    • Steinmetz, R. and Wehrle, K. 2005 Peer-To-Peer Systems and Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
    • Further reading: a comprehensive study of different searching techniques in peer-to-peer networks


Systems and Applications

Overlay Networks

Case Study: Freenet

Case Study: BitTorrent


Security, Fairness and Trust