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Communications system architecture, modeling, CSPA


  • As software architecture communications systems can be classified as stacked distributed components architectures
  • Architecture usually focus on components and typed associations (eg. channels with interfaces), so encoding part is not included into architecture diagrams

Modeling elements

  • Architecture diagram as class diagram
    • Entities can be created during protocol operation
    • There can be multiple entities, which means they have to be addressed as well
    • Contains state machine for all interfaces (might differ by design)
  • Interfaces (Ports) - defining the incoming messages
    • Services Access Point (SAP) interfaces (Primitive message sets)
    • Peer interfaces (PDU message sets)
      • Peer 1 interface
      • Peer 2 interface
      • Peer N interface, depending the design
  • Channels (associations)
    • by UML interface - usage (dependency) - realization presentation

Task A

Model architecture of exer_python chat system.

Task B

Reverse engineer TCP into communication architecture model (primitives usage)

Task C

Model full featured architecture of exer_python chat system.

  • There can be multiple chat channels
  • User can be joined to multiple different chat channels
  • Assumed N-1 protocol layer is TCP as transport

Task D

Create a abstract session layer where users can a form session for usage certain service.