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Network programming @ Noppa | @ wiki - Updated: — Jussi Laakkonen 2012/08/30 13:02


20.8.2012: New return policy: into SVN.
21.8.2012: Sysadmin warning!
29.8.2012: Added link to SVN instructions
30.8.2012: Added the SVN repository

How to send an assignment

  • The SVN server used on this course can be found at
    • Maintained by IT department
    • Can be used from outside university.
    • Only for course related usage - do not upload anything else here or the Sysadmin will get you. I.e. very very hard quota.
    • There exists a folder for each student by their student number. You'll have read & write rights only into this folder.
    • Use the university login credentials.
  • Put your assignment into SVN at address under your student number into following directory structure:
    • Assignment1 into A1
    • Assignment2 into A2
    • Assignment3 into A3
    • Assignment4 into A4
    • Assignment5 into A5
    • Assignment6 into A6
    • Home examination into HE
    • E.g. For student 0123456 the A2 should be in:
  • Each folder should contain (no subfolders):
    • Code
    • Headers
    • Readme (as TEXT-file, no doc/odt/pdf/etc., include all documentation here!)
    • Makefile
  • Document everything in English or in Finnish.
  • Remember to follow deadlines, late commit results in 0 points (but even late ones must be committed within 1 week since each assignment needs to be returned).