Group 1 homepage

Group members:

  • Negin Banaeianjahromi
  • Saeed Mirzaeifar
  • Martin Rudigier
  • Masoumeh Khaksari

Learning / working diary

Monday Nov12th

  • Some researches have been done regarding the problem.(2hours)
  • Similar applications have been checked to get ideas. (1hour)

Tuesday Nov13th

  • Group meeting (1 Hour) : We discussed about the problem defined by the client (Propentus) and we will do brain storming first individually then we will discuss it in group. (Next meeting tonight online on Skype.)(2hours)
  • Skype meeting, we discussed about our new ideas for the problem.(1hour)

Wednesday Nov14th

  • Group meeting: According to the ideas for the problem that team came up with , tasks have been divided to prepare the requirement document for tomorrow. ( 2 hours )

Thursday Nov15th

  • Finish with the preliminary Requirements document and Work Plan.

Preliminary Work Plan

Monday Nov19th

  • We had a group meeting and we reconsider our requirements after receiving some explanations from Professor in Friday meeting.(2 Hours)

Tuesday Nov20th

  • In the group meeting at 14:00 that we had today we limit ourselves with just some ideas that we had.(2Hours)
  • We divided tasks and each person was responsible to write a part to finalize the requirement with more technical details.
  • Online group meeting at 18:00 on Skype to discuss about any problem that we might face during requirements writing.

Thursday Nov22th

  • Meeting with Propentus at 9am to see a live demo and asking questions
  • Rethinking about our requirenments because our picture of the application was different
  • Meeting with Prof. to rethink our work on the topic
  • start working on the architecture and business model

Monday Nov26th

  • 2 hours meeting for finalizing architecture and business model.

Wednesday Nov28th

  • 1 Hour meeting for finalizing Document and presentation.

Material used by group

Produced material

  • Work plan
  • Requirements
  • Processes
  • Architecture
  • Technologies
  • Business models

Final Document and Presentation