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Group 6

  • IT: Ville Kytömäki
  • IM: Aliya Khabirova
  • Patricia Nyamekye

Project Tasks Distribution:

Ville Kytömäki

  • Requirements
  • Architecture

Patricia Nyamekye and Aliya Khabirova

  • Need
  • Approach
  • cost
  • Benefits

Meeting on Wednesday 13th November to discuss about different ideas

  • First idea was a web service for gathering data from different sport centers and gyms.
  • Decided to do similar web service for restaurants to see how much people is in at the moment
  • All the restaurants in Lappeenranta shown in a single web page
  • Improves quality of service

Next meeting on Monday 18. November

Discussion about choosing which area an open studies will be needed for inhabitants of Lappeenranta Possible ideas 1. Fitness center 2. Restaurant Problem: People waste lots of time in deciding where and when to eat or end up at places where with wrong choices of food. lots of food is wasted due to wrong forecast of customers. Using an open data the application, we can send a message saying how your law suit. 3. ease of choice Possible solution: an open data to: give people chance to check restaurant booking for the day, week or month if possible. Give service providers an opportunity to avoid waste and a possible cut down of service cost as well as a chance to avoid unnecessary congestions.

The group has decided to do a system requirement to address this problem.

The fitness center was left out because, we think there are already few once in existence which can be applicable to the one here, moreover, with this in food service, we will be able support the building of a greener and sustainble environment.


  1. Citizens
  2. Tourists
  3. Companies
  4. System admin (maintenance)

Open data requirements

  1. Restaurants need to give customer information for the system
  2. Restaurants need to update walk in customers to the system (similar to movie theater's seat choosing system)
  3. Restaurants need to open their reserve information to the system
  4. Could be used together with Team 1's infoLappeenranta application
  5. Busy time (lunch) the restaurants could calculate how many customers walk in
  6. Restaurants could show how many customers are in and how much is the total seats

System requirements

  1. System has option to choose language
  2. System shows the list of restaurants using the system
  3. System updates the booking situation in every restaurant every minute

Functional requirements

  1. User can see the list of restaurants who uses the system
  2. User can choose a restaurant and book a table
  3. User can navigate to the restaurants own webpage to see the menu
  4. User can choose language (Finnish, English, Russian)
  5. User can give feedback for the restaurant
  6. User can rate the restaurant
  7. User can see the quantity of customers in the restaurant
  8. User can list the restaurants by rating

Example of open data use in restaurants

Use Case

Presentation slides