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Group 4 Homepage

Group members:

  • Ricardo Acedo de Talavera
  • Alberto Lopez Castilla
  • Santiago Marquez Vazquez



Friday 8th November

We have a meeting and we discuss about possible ideas and open data.


1. Find your way

  • Motivation: People waste a lot of time when they are driving when they are driving through a traffic jam.
  • Solution: Using an open data source to control the traffic, we could provide to our customers the best route.''

2. Be up to date of your lawsuit

  • Motivation: People do not know how their lawsuits actually are.
  • Solution: Using an open data the application, we can send a message saying how your law suit.

3. Predicting Northern Lights

  • Motivation: People never know exactly when the Northern Lights are taking place and it is hard to check always when could they be seen.
  • Solution: Open data can provide all the information about Northern Lights and can send messages to our customers saying when it is more probably to see them.

Friday 29th November

We decided to develop the Northern Ligths Predictor. We described our needs, approach, cost and benefit and we created a power point for the final class.


For the next meeting, we will create another power point with all the information about our app.

Sunday 1st December