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Some PDF links are still broken.

Reading group is open for everyone who is interested in computer vision and pattern recognition. The idea of the reading group is that the group gathers at regular intervals to discuss each time one significant or interesting new paper. Before the meeting, everyone participating reads the paper, and then in the meeting, the paper is gone through and discussed. The idea is to have a free flowing discussion around the topic to promote newest research results and new ideas. If you are interested you can contact Ville Kyrki for more information.

The group meets usually on Fridays at 14:15 at room 6532. One session lasts 1.5 hours.

Next session will be on Friday 1.6. at 14:15. See below for the paper.


Note: most recent/current first!

  • Jun 1 (Fri)
    • A. Zomet, D. Feldman, S. Peleg, D. Weinshall. “Mosaicing New Views: The Crossed-Slits Projection”, PAMI 2003, vol. 25, no. 6. Can be found via IEEE Xplore by searching for “crossed-slits”. Related videos.
  • May 25 (Fri)
    • Ashutosh Saxena, Justin Driemeyer, Justin Kearns, Andrew Ng. NIPS 19, 2006 PDF. Images and videos available in www.
  • Apr 4 (Wed)
    • D. Hoiem, A. A. Efros, M. Hebert, “Putting Objects in Perspective”, CVPR 2006 best paper PDF.
  • Mar 23 (Fri)
    • Andrea Vedaldi, Hailin Jin, Paolo Favaro, Stefano Soatto, “KALMANSAC: Robust Filtering by Consensus”, ICCV 2005 PDF. Presentation by Pekka Paalanen.
  • Mar 16 (Fri)
    • N. Snavely, S. M. Seitz, R. Szeliski, “Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D”, SIGGRAPH 2006 PDF. Take also look at the videos and demo on Phototour page.
  • Nov 17 (Thu)
    • J. Pilet, V. Lepetit, P. Fua, “Real-time Non-Rigid Surface Detection”, CVPR 2005 best paper PDF
  • Nov 3 (Thu)
    • Fredrik Kahl, Didier Henrion, “Globally Optimal Estimates for Geometric Reconstruction Problems”, ICCV 2005 best paper (Marr prize winner) PDF
  • June 2 (Thu)
    • D. Cobzas, M. Jagersand, “Tracking and Predictive Display for a Remote Operated Robot using Uncalibrated Video”, ICRA 2005 best vision paper PDF
  • May 19 (Thu)
    • J. Sivic, F. Schaffalitzky, A. Zisserman, “Object Level Grouping for Video Shots”, ECCV 2004 PDF
  • May 6
    • V. Ferrari, T. Tuytelaars, L. Van Gool, “Simultaneous Object Recognition and Segmentation by Image Exploration”, ECCV 2004 PDF
  • April 15
    • L. Fei-Fei, R. Fergus, P. Perona,“A Bayesian approach to unsupervised one-shot learning of object categories”, ICCV 2003 PDF
  • April 1
    • R. Fergus, P. Perona, A. Zisserman, “Object Class Recognition by Unsupervised Scale-Invariant Learning”, CVPR 2003 best paper. PDF

Papers to come