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MVPR Website editing

The new mvpr website can be seen at and is accessible via SVN at

All modifications to the new website is done through SVN as always. All external modifications are more or less moderated by Jukka ( We need help at filling information about staff, publication/news and research topics so, please checkout the SVN repository.

Directory structure

images/ Includes all images used by included pages (excluding people portraits) include/ Includes PHP scripts used by the new mvpr webpage (do not edit) news/ Includes files for news items pages/ Includes all different pages shown on the webpage people/ Includes files for people info and images

Adding or modifying people/staff

To add new staff member you need to create a person file under appropriate subdirectory under people/ directory. e.g. to add a new Phd. student, go under people/phdstuds/ and create a txt file with the following contents:

<name>Matti Meikäläinen</name>
<phone>+358 1 23456789</phone>

All fields are not required to be filled or added. Also create a jpg file with same filename to have a portrait on the webpage.

Adding or modifying news items

To add news items, just add a news file under news/ directory. It's suggested to name it “yyyy-mm-dd_title.txt”. The file requires following contents:

<body>A lot of new stuff. See here!</body>

All three fields are REQUIRED to have a visible news item.

Adding or modifying research pages

The research pages can be accessed under pages/ directory by modifying the appropriate .inc.php file.

The files for each research topic are:

* (Intelligent Robotics) * (Object Recognition) * (Visual Inspection) * (Biomolecular Vision) * (Medical Imaging)

If you add any images, please add them under the images/ directory.