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-==== MVPR Website editing ==== 
-The new mvpr website can be seen at [[https://​​mvpr/​mvprwww/​]]. 
-and is accessible via SVN at [[https://​​svn/​mvpr/​mvprwww/​]]. 
-All modifications to the new website is done through SVN as always. All external modifications are more or less moderated by Jukka ( We need help at filling information about staff, publication/​news and research topics so, please checkout the SVN repository. 
-=== Directory structure === 
-  images/ ​      ​Includes all images used by included pages (excluding people portraits) 
-  include/ ​     Includes PHP scripts used by the new mvpr webpage (do not edit) 
-  news/         ​Includes files for news items 
-  pages/ ​       Includes all different pages shown on the webpage 
-  people/ ​      ​Includes files for people info and images 
-=== Adding or modifying people/​staff === 
-To add new staff member you need to create a person file under appropriate subdirectory under people/ directory. 
-e.g. to add a new Phd. student, go under people/​phdstuds/​ and create a txt file with the following contents: 
-<​name>​Matti Meikäläinen</​name>​ 
-<​phone>​+358 1 23456789</​phone>​ 
-All fields are not required to be filled or added. Also create a jpg file with same filename to have a portrait on the webpage. 
-=== Adding or modifying news items === 
-To add news items, just add a news file under news/ directory. It's suggested to name it "​yyyy-mm-dd_title.txt"​. The file requires following contents: 
-<​body>​A lot of new stuff. See here!</​body>​ 
-All three fields are REQUIRED to have a visible news item. 
-=== Adding or modifying research pages === 
-The research pages can be accessed under pages/ directory by modifying the appropriate .inc.php file. 
-The files for each research topic are: 
-  * (Intelligent Robotics) 
-  * (Object Recognition) 
-  * (Visual Inspection) 
-  * (Biomolecular Vision) 
-  * (Medical Imaging) 
-If you add any images, please add them under the images/ directory.