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Itlabcpp Releases

Itlabcpp releases are simply snapshots from the Subversion repository. We do not maintain any stable branches.

Any Itlabcpp developer can make a new release any time by following the howto below. Project can make tailored packages from Itlabcpp and publish those on project pages, not here.

package size MD5 sum revision Notes
itlabcpp-2011-06-30.tar.gz 797 kB 4d718f91ca8d8159e7e12246c969c298 850 For Paalanen DSc thesis code release
itlabcpp-2010-05-12.tar.gz 774 kB c87520d4d3dd3217c013cd36e77002ca 701 For publishing GPUStereo code

How to make a release

Use the script misc/release.bash from Itlabcpp svn trunk. It creates a package directly from svn, and takes an svn revision number as an optional argument. By default it exports HEAD. The script also prints the MD5 sum of the package.

Unpack the resulting .tar.gz file and:

  1. check release.txt contents
  2. check that it builds as instructed in README

Attach the package to this wiki page, and add the link and other information to the table above. Notes should describe the reason for the release.