What is this?

This page is intended to be a collection of useful software that a researcher / thesis worker might find helpful. The general idea here is that if you have no idea what software you should be using to do whatever it is you are doing you can check out if this page has a tool listed fort that purpose.

Unless you know what you are doing do not reinvent the wheel, use the tools listed below in your work. They've been tested by others and should work well.

Web-based software

Google Drive Suite (and add-ins)

  • Google Docs for pretty much all writing you need to do that is required to be
    • easily accessible by others
    • there are multiple collaborators to the document
    • you need access to the document from multiple different locations
  • Google Sheets
    • Excel in the cloud
    • Again, if the documents needs to be easily accessible, Google is your friend
  • Lucidchart
    • An add-in for drawing all kinds of neat charts
  • Software engineer's wet dream


Linux software

Typesetting / publishing

Qualitative data analysis

  • RQDA
    • Can't have atlas.ti? Poor sod, have some R instead
    • Quick installation guide
      1. Install R base (package name in *buntu-variants: r-base)
      2. Install R-studio from http://www.rstudio.com/
      3. Install libgtk2.0-dev
      4. In rstudio, install RQDA package (Packages → install → RQDA)
      5. Start it by ticking RQDA box in Packages -panel

Cross-platform software

Text editors

    • Useful for all text editing
    • Very useful as a code editor!
      • Write any language, the editor remembers keywords you type
      • Run/Build your code directly from the editor (requires a set up ofc)


  • NetBeans
    • Java, C, C++, PHP+HTML5, (Python)
    • Good for writing unit tests (JUnit, CUnit..)
    • Integrates to version control systems like Git, Mercurial and SVN
    • Has addons/plugins for several frameworks like Yii, Zend Framework, etc.

Services on the web



  • Works like a charm in Linux/Mac/Windows/iOS/Android/WP/…
  • One can share files through different computers (e.g. you have a same folder in home and work computer → No need to take laptop home, files are already there)
  • Files can be achieved also through web-interface
  • Folders can be shared with other users

Other (is there any?)