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Research Demonstrations

Recumbent Fitness bicycle. (Arto Hämäläinen)

Sensor bottle into bicycle. Symbian. (Arto Hämäläinen)

Bluetooth lock. IPAQ.(Arto Hämäläinen)

Bluetooth guidance system. IPAQ. (Arto Hämäläinen)

SAINET. Development and establishing the infrastructure. Access and login implementation.

UBI / ADS Information services. Python. ME-project. (Were Oyomno)

RFID lock.

Bluetooth PAM authentication. Linux.(Arto Hämäläinen)

Concrete meter.

House bluetooth door phone. (Arto Hämäläinen)

MUPE games and applications. Greenhouse, Detector and some more. (anssi Jääskeläinen)

Filesystem over PeerHood.

Char over PeerHood.

Kazaa over PeerHood.

Remote execute over PeerHood.

Remote monitor over PeerHood.

Community functionalities over PeerHood.

ME mozilla plugin