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Departmental computer resources for students

  • Department computer resources, short introduction for students.
  • Ilmari Laakkonen,

Everything is allowed except..

Things denied in…

  • Finnish Laws
  • Usage rules of Funet network
  • Usage rules of Lappeenranta university of technology
  • Mindless rules made by bastard administrator from computer's stoneage

Departmental resources

  •, departmental web services server
    • plus 2 virtual machine servers to support teaching and research
  • Pentinkulma, room 6218, linux class
  • Cluster guild room, room 4434
  • MS IT Academy program
  • - personal server for students and personnel

Pentinkulma, linux class

Linux computer class for courses who use linux environment for practise work.

  • Quad core CPU, 8G RAM, 24“ monitors
  • Ubuntu desktop linux 12-04 LTS
  • Programming tools and environments.
  • Magnetic lock, access possible during nights and weekends


  • Machine vision laboratory, room 2414
  • Access granted when attending related courses, magnetic locks

Cluster guild room

  • Room 4434, access to all IT students
  • 2 windows computers
  • 1 linux computer
  • XBOX360 with 32” lcd tv
  • Magnetic lock
  • Special work room 4435, contains few computers,meeting table and video projector.

Software licensies for students

  • Free to use it for anything you want but remember to honor international and Finnish laws related to published material
  • Services provided at moment:
    • Personal homepages (created with HTML)
    • Common wiki for university personnel and students
    • Personal blogs (wordpress mu)

After all...