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Some Linux stuff

Collection of useful linux tips for everyone.


File shares

Mount the shares as a normal user under your home directory using option noperms. Noperms disables local file access permissions checking, so the local UID, GID and permissions information can be whatever, they are ignored. You have to mount under your home directory to prevent other users on your workstation from using the shares you mounted. Otherwise they would have your identity and access rights on the share. So make sure only you can access the mount points.

How to Mount

The general form is:

mount.cifs //server/share mountpoint -o noperms,user=LUT/username

For umount you must use umount.cifs command. It seems to need the absolute path to mount point, otherwise it leaves a stale entry in /etc/mtab.

Mount examples

mkdir /home/laakkone/mnt/filestite_tite
mount.cifs //  /home/laakkone/mnt/filestite_tite -o noperms,user=LUT/laakkone

mkdir /home/laakkone/mnt/diso_kurssit
mount.cifs //  /home/laakkone/mnt/diso_kurssit -o noperms,user=LUT/laakkone

umount examples

umount.cifs /home/laakkone/mnt/filestite_tite
umount.cifs /home/laakkone/mnt/diso_kurssi

Reinstalling debian/ubuntu

You might want to speed your reinstallation by storing list of your installed packages to file.

dpkg --get-selections > list.txt

You can restore it with following commands:

dpkg --set-selections < list.txt
apt-get dselect-upgrade