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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who can use this wiki?

At moment it's meant for personnels of information technology department. You can use it anyway you want for anything you want which is related to your work here.

Who have access to this wiki?

First, it's visible to internet and by default anyone can read it but editing is allowed only for personnels of information technology department. It's possible to use groups from university authentication system to restrict access to certain parts of wiki.

I don't want whole world to see my things, how to restrict access?

It's possible to use normal account and groups available in university authenticatuion system to limit visibility or edit rights. It's possible to control access either namespace or page level.

Can students have edit rights here

Sure, but it must be authorized by department personnels, it's possible for give students access ex. for specific course areas for making collaborative works.

Can i put my course pages here?

Sure, you can run your course pages here, but in future we propably are still providing course index and main pages. You can link from there to this wiki.

Where i can i put my content

Almost anywhere you want, but remember that you can use namespaces to control access for your content. I suggest following major namespaces to be used:

  • mvpr - Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Laboratory
  • swe - Software Engineering Laboratory
  • comlab - Communications Software Laboratory
  • courses - Courses using wiki
    • use course codes below courses namespace ex. CT10A1000
  • admin - for administrator documentation