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-====== Course homepages ====== 
-At moment we are providing our course homepages through inhouse made web application and it's located at following www-address:​ 
-  * http://​​kurssit 
-  * [[http://​​atk/​srv/​www/​ | Manual for our web application]] 
-===== Creating homepages for course ===== 
-Most coarses have their homepages half automaticly made between 4. and 1. periods by administrators from list of courses available that time. It's possible to add courses later through our web application. 
-===== Editing course homepages ===== 
-Main page is edited with our web application,​ it contains mostly same information than student course books. Subpages are edited through samba fileshares with any text editor. 
-  * [[\\\kurssit]] fileshare is available to personnels who are member of wwwkurs group