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 ====== Course homepages ====== ====== Course homepages ======
-At moment we are providing ​our course ​homepages through inhouse made web application ​and it's located at following www-address:​ +Time has gone past of our old course web application, all what is left are archived course pages from 1997 to 2008We are using ​ for our course homepages. ​We support functionality ​with departmental wikies, plain web pages or web applications which are located at [[]] server. ​
- +
-  * +
-  * [[http://​​atk/​srv/​www/​ | Manual ​for our web application]] +
- +
-===== Creating homepages for course ​===== +
- +
-Most coarses have their homepages ​half automaticly made between academic years by administrators from list of courses available that timeIt's possible to add courses later through our web application. +
- +
-===== Editing course homepages ===== +
- +
-Main page is edited ​with our web application,​ it contains mostly same information than student course books. Subpages ​are edited through samba fileshares with any text editor.  +
- +
-  * Web application support event board and discussion boards for courses +
-  * Web application can create empty templates for subpages if any subpage adding option is activated through course edit web application +
-  * [[\\\kurssit]] fileshare is available for personnels who are member of wwwkurs group +
- +
-===== Course archives ===== +
- +
-Full course archives are available beginning from 98-99 academic year, archive is created manually during before new course homepages are created for next academic year. +
- +
-===== Future of course homepages ===== +
- +
-Time has gone past of our course web application,​ it's still used but most of it's functionality are disabled because of new university www pages. We are considering other options for our course pages... ex. using wiki or other content manage systems. +
- +
-  * Plain html pages edited through file shares. +
-  * Wiki is already used at some level in our department, might be good choise for course pages too. Contains automatic version control and users can be authenticated from university ldap server+
-  * University provides Blackboard software for courses, but most of our workers think it's too heavy to use for our needs. Someone has suggested using Moodle, which should be little bit lighter and flexible.+
 +  * [[http://​|Noppa portal for students]]
 +  * [[http://​​wiki| Departmental wiki, visible to internet]]
 +  * [[http://​​opetuswiki| wiki to support teaching, visible to internal network only]]
 +  * Plain web pages located to web server. [[www2guide | See documentation for using for your courses.]] ​
 +  * Web applications installed to server. [[www2guide | See documentation for using for your courses.]] ​
 +  * [[http://​​kurssit | Archive for old courses at http://​​kurssit]]. [[www2guide | See documentation for using for your courses.]] ​
   ​   ​