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Build Your Own SMS Service


We have built up an example realization of SMS gateway with the C-programming language. With these programs it is easy to send and receive short messages. Our example is based on Nokia Communicator cellular phone and Linux operating system. Cellular phone is connected to the Linux computer with a serial cable. Anyway, our program can easily be modified to work with other kind of solutions too, since AT-commands used to send and receive short messages are universal.

Our programs communicate with the serial port, which can be done with terminal programs also. But remember to give access permission for communication port you are using (/dev/ttySx, where x depends on the serial port you are using).

To make the Communicator work the way we want it must be set to the state where it will receive it's commands from the serial cable. Select "Fax modem" from "System" -menu and enter the "Settings"-area. Set the parametres correctly (our program works when data bits are 8, stob bits is 1 an parity is none). After that you have to activate the Communicator by pressing "Activate" in "Fax modem" -folder. This all is Communicator-specific instructions and you probably have to do something similar with other GSM phones.

We have tested these programs with cellular modems too. After a little changes, such changing baud rates, they are working properly. For those who use that kind of device, smspin.tar.gz is needed for entering PIN code. With communicator you don't need this because PIN code is entered while switching the phone on.

For using these programs you also need a c-compiler such as gcc.


All files in one package
sms_software_v1.1.tar.gz [15k]   This package includes updated source codes and a short documentation for receiving and sending short messages.
All files in separate packages
config.tar.gz [10k] Configuration files. You need this package for making programs work. General help file is also included.
smssend_v1.1.tar.gz [5k] Source codes for sending SMS messages.
smsreceive.tar.gz [5k] Source codes for receiving SMS messages.
smspin.tar.gz [2k] Source codes for entering PIN code.
smscenter.tar.gz [2k] Source codes for setting Short Message Center number.

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Last updated 10.1.2003