SIMPLEGABOR - Simple Gabor Feature Space

Face image with 10 local points marked simple Gabor feature space of 4 orientations and 5 frequencies Face image reconstruction from 10 points


The goal of this project is to further develop the new feature structure developed by the authors called as "Simple Gabor Feature Space". Simple Gabor feature space is an efficient structure for representing and detecting small and simple image patches. Furthermore, the proposed space has many beneficial properties, such as reconstruction property, natural tolerance to noise and distortions (deformations), illumination invariance, and invariance properties over translation, scale and rotation.

During the project an efficient implementation of the simple Gabor feature space will be considered. The first milestone of the project is a publicly downloadable efficient Matlab toolbox for computing Gabor features. Later, implementation in other environments besides Matlab will be considered, e.g., implementation in C and/or a parallel computing approach will be under scrutiny. The main objective of the project is to compute simple Gabor features (later called as multiresolution Gabor features) as fast as possible and provide functionality for their rapid utilisation in further processing (e.g. classification).



The project has finished. V1.0.0 of the SimpleGabor Matlab ToolBox has been released.

Contact information

Jarmo Ilonen E-Mail WWW Post-graduate researcher
Joni Kämäräinen E-Mail WWW Project leader, research fellow
Heikki Kšlvišinen E-Mail WWW Professor


Source code

  1. Simplegabor toolbox for Matlab - Multiresolution Gabor filtering for 2-D signals

Data sets

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