SciPubDB - Scientific publication database for research organizations

"If it is not published - it does not exist!" -Anonymous Professor


Research groups and other research units in the universities and research institutes compete of national and international research funding. The research funding is predominately granted for good ideas, but another important factor is the former experience and achievements of a research group. To establish a stronger ensembles, research groups and researchers seek collaboration partners from other research institutes and industry. For these purposes it is an important question how the groups should advertise their achievements and research experience?

The goal of this project is to implement a scientific publication database. SciPubDB should be easy to maintain up-to-date. Visitors should be able to browse articles and try to find some specific article by using search-procedure.

Contact information

Joni Kämäräinen E-mail WWW Post-doc researcher
Teemu Kinnunen E-mail WWW Undergraduate researcher

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PHP: Hypertext PreprocessorProgramming language to create dynamic web-content
PostrgreSQLAdvanced open source database
ApacheOpen source and widely used HTTP-server


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