PAPVISION - Paper and Board Printability Testing Using Machine Vision

"Machine Vision Solutions for Paper and Printing Industry"


The ultimate objective of the Papvision project was to provide novel innovative machine vision and pattern recognition solutions for paper and printing industry. The focus was on novel automatic paper printability assessments based on machine vision.

The secondary objective was to serve the national paper and printing industry as a research organization for machine vision and pattern recognition. Our mission is "listen to industrial partners - study solutions to their problems - and provide necessary knowledge to implement the solutions". The scientific objective was to perform scientific research, publish new results, and educate young masters and doctors specialized in scientific computation, especially machine vision and pattern recognition, in paper and printing industry.

Industrial partners:Research co-operation
  1. Tekes
  2. Stora Enso Oyj
  3. UPM-Kymmene Oyj
  4. Myllykoski Paper Oy
  5. Metso Paper Oy
  6. (Future Printing Center )
  7. Labvision Technologies
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This project is funded by the European Union (#70049/03,#70056/04) and Academy of Finland (#204708)
  1. Color Research Laboratory, University of Joensuu
  2. Laboratory of Media Technology, Helsinki University of Technology


    Detection of Missing Dots from Printed Patterns
  2. PICKING -
    Detection of Paper Surface Defects
    Measuring unevenness of solid printed areas
  4. PAPPROTO1 -
    Measurement system for paper printability assessments
  5. GLOSS -
    Accurate Paper Gloss Measurements (restricted access)
    Multi-Resolution Approach to Paper Printability Evaluation (restricted access)
  7. PAPPROTO2 -
    "Revolutionary" measurement system for paper printability assessments (restricted access)
    Spectral Characterization of Paper and Print (restricted access)
    On Visual Thresholds and Psychometric Scaling of Print Details (restricted access)


The project is officially and successfully ended. The scientific results will be finished during the year 2007, when the results will be published in scientific media and PhD theses. Withing the project several working prototypes (both hardware and software) were implemented and now the technology and knowhow is being transferred to product development (first products have already been sold!).

Contact information

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Heikki Kšlvišinen E-mail WWW Director, professor
Lasse Lensu E-mail WWW Project manager, post-doc researcher
Joni Kämäräinen E-mail WWW Post-doc researcher
Pasi Saarinen E-mail WWW Industry coordinator
Former project workers:
Petja Salmela E-mail WWW MSc, industry.
Alexander Drobchenko E-mail WWW MSc, academic research
Sami Lyden E-mail WWW MSc, industry
Tuomas Eerola E-mail WWW MSc, academic research
Tomi Kauppi E-mail WWW MSc, academic research
Pekka Paalanen E-mail WWW MSc, academic research
Jarkko Vartiainen E-mail WWW PhD, industry
Albert Sadovnikov E-mail WWW Finalising doctoral dissertation
Fahad Rizvi E-mail WWW MSc, industry


Source code

  1. Not publicly available

Data sets

  1. Not publicly available

Links to other resources

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Information sources
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Do not hesitate to to contact the authors by e-mail to retrieve copies or reprints of the following publications.

In other organisations the following publications have been made:
  1. Kaukonen, Milla, Visual thresholds and psychometric scaling of missing dots and mottling in print, MSc (Diploma) thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, 2006.